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Testing & Evaluation

We offer comprehensive clinical, educational, and neuropsychological evaluations for adults and children of all ages. We incorporate a whole-person approach to assessment, using industry-standard testing instruments, thorough history-taking, and skilled clinical observation. A comprehensive evaluation can help you identify conditions and diagnoses, define your strengths and weaknesses, develop treatment goals, coordinate accommodations and services such as IEP and 504 plans, access adjunct therapies, and implement practical solutions.

Educational and neuropsychological evaluations can explore:

- cognitive ability/IQ
- learning disabilities
- ability/achievement discrepancy
- dyslexia, dygraphia, dyscalculia
- auditory and visual processing
- attention and executive function
- autism spectrum

Psychological evaluations are available for a wide variety of situations including:

- treatment planning
- fitness for duty
- probation
- fertility candidates
- immigration
- mental health disability and injury

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